Our mission

Our mission

Established in 1982, HD Slippers Srl is an engineering society , managed by technicians, born for producing high quality sealing systems. Our commitment is fulfill the requests of customization, quality and fast delivery coming from an overactive industrial world.
Fast solving of complex technical problems, and quick delivery of custom made sealing systems, are the sources of a legitimate professional pride.

Research and development of new products and materials


special seal development and research

Seals production


produzione guarnizioni

Main production:
Energized Seals, custom and standard ptfe spring energized seals. Jacket in PTFE compound, PEEK, UHMW-PE, PU 54Sh.D. Jackets and electro-welded springs are designed and realized within the company, so that HD has the complete control of the production process. Aisi302, Elgiloy, Hastelloy and NACE approved  Inconel X750  and  are also available.

energized seals


Rotolip ® - rotary lip seals

rotary lip seals


Slipper: composite seals for hydraulic and pneumatic rotary or axial applications. Friction elements are made of PTFE, energized by O-Ring even in perfluorated elastomers FFKM. Single and double acting sealing. Outstanding frictional wear and high pressure resistant properties. Long service life, no stick-slip, easy installation.

ptfe composite slipper seals ptfe composite slipper seals ptfe composite slipper seals ptfe composite slipper seals ptfe composite slipper seals ptfe composite slipper seals


High quality Parker O-Rings
HD Slippers Srl supplies only high quality Parker O-Rings within its Slipper Seal kits.

Parker O-Rings


Machined Lip Seal PU NBR FKM EPDM HNBR made for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Chemical and Food industries. We provide custom and standard Piston Seals, Rod Seals, Wipers and Rotary seals for diameters 03 mm until 1500 mm. Polyurethanes are hydrolysis resistant and every compound can be manufactured FDA approved.
elastomeric lip seals

Seals KIT are composed and provided to OEM and aftermarket service.

sealing kit

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