Special seals on demand

HD Slippers, besides a wide range of standadized seals, offers the competence of the technical departement for developing special seals for non standard applications.
Our technicians have already developed more than 4.000 custom seals that constitute an unvaluable asset of knowledge and experience

Custom and special sealing solutions in ptfe compounds - technopolymers and elastomers  ultraclean seals for pharma and food processing replacing of obsolete sealing systems, DI - DE lip seals



The technical-application data specified in catalogues, documentation and on this website are the result of more than forty years of experience and laboratory tests. The seal types suggested are the result of laboratory tests and thousands of field tests; however, the working conditions foreseen may not coincide with those of new applications and so lead to unexpected results. Therefore, HD Slippers Srl shall not be held responsible for the failure of sealing components that have not been tested under the actual working conditions. For new applications and the consequent manufacturing of specific seals, the user must conduct tests under the actual working conditions in order to approve the validity of the chosen solution. HD Slippers Srl guarantees the repeatability of the characteristics of seals tested and approved, except for subsequent modifications of applications and/or equipment and/or its components and/or processes, by the customer or a third part.