Parker Seals

Parker AV Wiper

Compound P5008

WorkingTemp. -35 +100 °C.
Speed Max. 2 m/sec.


The wiper is the major element on the hydraulic cylinder to prevent the intrusion of dirt. It protects the entire hydraulic system against, dust, dirt, moisture and other environmental influences. Due to increasingly sensitive elements being used within hydraulic circuits the wiping function has been steadily gaining importance as contaminated fluid systems are common causes of total failures with high consequential costs.


Pressure relief function with an opening towards the cylinder rod tube, Oil leakage remains inside the cylinder, running towards the outside when an appropriate pressure gradient exists between the wiper and the atmosphere, and is evenly distributed on the piston rod.


The wiper cannot be pushed out of the housingRobust wiper lip featuring the time-tested design of the AY and AH profile range.


Dirt shield prevents intrusion of dirt and moisture in vertical cylinder applications

Parker AV Wiper image
d f7
D H11





codice AV
40 48 7,75 4 1 2.5 Parker AV 4048 P5008
45 53 7,75 4 1 2.5 Parker AV 4553 P5008