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HD Slippers Srl produces a wide range of precision seals, PTFE and elastomers made, which includes all the items listed on the site excluding Parker products of which HD Slippers Srl is a certified distributor.


We are looking for specialized employed to train in the production of:


Spring-energized gaskets or gaskets for axial, frontal and rotating applications where the preload of the PTFE sealing lip is maintained by a stainless steel spring that avoids the effects of the natural relaxation of the material over time. These energized gaskets (Enerseal® is a registered trademark of HD Slippers) are of strategic use in a wide range of sectors such as Oil & Gas, defense, marine equipment, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Seals for rotating joints and shafts (Rotolip® is a registered trademark of HD Slippers) intended for the containment of liquids or gases at high or low pressure in applications where either a fluid is distributed over several channels or a rotating mechanical element must be protected from the external environment.


Like all our processes, the Energized Gaskets and the Seals for Rotary Joints and Shafts are produced in a clean and smoke-free environment. We also produce components destined for applications certified according to the CE 10/2011 regulations - CE 1935/2004 - DM 21.3.1973, FDA and MOCA for contact with food products. According with CE 2023/2006 regulation, after production, our articles are sanitized inside a clean-room and packed in special approved bags.

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Sasso Marconi Italy
Conoscenza inglese gradita ma non obbligatoria
Istituto Tecnico industriale - Liceo
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