General terms of supply


1) Offers and Orders

1.1 Quotations, any agreements, in particular collateral verbal agreements, and other guarantees received on our sales will be binding only in the presence of written confirmation. Prices, unless otherwise agreed, the prices are intended ex works including standard packaging costs. Transport costs and VAT, non-standard packaging, customer-specific envelopes, customs duties, insurance and certificates are excluded. Unless otherwise specified, the costs relating to technical consultancy are included in the quotation, HD Slippers Srl reserves the right to submit to the customer a specific cost estimate in the event that the consultancy involves considerable use of time and study. The sale prices are those indicated in the offer and remain valid until the deadline indicated.

1.2 The accepted purchase order is understood to be complete with all the necessary information, commercial and fiscal techniques, in order to be properly processed. The Order is finalized with the Order Confirmation document. As a guarantee for the buyer, the Order Confirmation is considered accepted only in the presence of written acknowledgment. The buyer has the right to countersign or officially accept the Order Confirmation quickly in order to facilitate the Order process.

1.3 No Order accepted by HD Slippers Srl may be canceled by the customer unless upon written acceptance.

1.4 The documents accompanying quotations, such as drawings, illustrations, images taken from our institutional website, technical data, refer to construction standards and / or material intended to expose concepts for which they were conceived and do not constitute a guarantee or assurance of their technical characteristics unless specifically stated in writing.


2) Certificates

2.1 Certificate 2.1: declaration of conformity of the material by the manufacturer without data regarding laboratory tests such as chemical analysis of the casting and mechanical tests.Free
- Certificate 2.2: the material is defined as compliant on the basis of tests carried out on the product of the same type made on the same internal procedures (non specific inspection); 25 Euro / Line
- Certificate 3.1 (ex 3.1B): document with which the manufacturer certifies the conformity of the material on the basis of tests performed on samples of the same cast and the same lot (specific inspection). The document is issued by a quality control officer within the company; 25 Euro / Line
- Certificate 3.2: document with which the manufacturer certifies the conformity of the material on the basis of tests carried out and certified by a third party, to be listed. REACH (CE) 1907/2006 and RoHS 2015/863 / EU certificates are always available on the website.
2.2 MOCA certification (materials in contact with food) to be requested during the Request for Offer phase.


3) Payments

Unless otherwise specified in the Offer phase, payment means: as first supply upon receipt of the goods by check or by bank transfer when goods are ready, subsequently RI.BA. 60 df. fm. ss. for amounts not less than € 150 (monthly invoice or single order).


4) Checks

HD Slippers Srl carries out careful checks during the material acceptance phase, during the production phase and before shipment. Controls different from our standards can be carried out on request and must be quoted in the offer phase.


5) Guarantees

5.1 The products designed and manufactured meet the declared performance on the basis of calculations and tests carried out at our factories under ideal operating conditions. HD Slippers Srl will not be responsible for component malfunctions without carrying out specific functional tests except upon written declaration.

5.2 If the component supplied has not been designed by HD Slippers Srl or identified following a technical consultancy from the latter in writing, but has instead been made to customer specifications, based on drawings or samples provided by buyer, both as regards the aspect of the materials required and the technical type of the component, the applicant must assume the risk of fitness for the intended purpose.

5.3 We will not be responsible for defects caused by inadequate assembly, improper use, use in conditions exceeding that previously established. We will also not be responsible for wear phenomena that fall within the parameters of normalcy, negligent handling and / or storage of the components, nor for the consequences of any non-concerted modification interventions.

5.4 Complaints will not be accepted in the absence of our original packaging bearing the production lot number and item description. Samples of any pieces deemed to be defective must be made available to HD Slippers Srl for analysis and verification.


6) Rights

6.1 HD Slippers Srl reserves the right of ownership and copyright for cost estimates, calculations, drafts, drawings and other documentation that contribute to the successful outcome of the design consultancy with or without consequent supply. These documents may be disclosed to third parties only with our written permission.

6.2 In the case of supplies produced according to drawings, samples or other documents provided by the customer, the latter guarantees that the industrial property rights of third parties are not violated.


7) Delivery

7.1 The Delivery, indicated in the offer and made official in the Order Confirmation, starts from our receipt of a written Order together with all the commercial technical information and tax data necessary to proceed.

7.2 The risks of loss or damage to goods due to transport will not be attributable to HD Slippers Srl. With the delivery of the goods to a forwarder or carrier, the risks associated with the transport phase pass to the buyer, even in the case of carriage paid at destination. . Obligations and costs of unloading are the responsibility of the buyer. Specific insurance can be provided on request.

7.3 Any requests for changes to confirmed Orders cannot be applied unless expressly agreed. The dates and quantities shown in the Order Confirmation can only be met within the scope of our delivery or production capabilities.


8) Equipment and Molds

In the event of a quotation or partial quotation of the costs of the equipment necessary for the creation of specific items for the customer, even if quoted in the Offer and Order Confirmation phase, they cannot be considered sold but will remain property of HD Slippers Srl.


9) Jurisdiction

The sales contract must be fully interpreted and governed by Italian law. Disputes outside or in relation to the contract or the supply must be presented to the court of the Province of Bologna where our registered office is located.


January 2021