The accepted purchase order refers to the order complete with all the necessary technical, commercial and tax information so that it can be duly processed. The order is implemented with the Order Confirmation document which is to be returned countersigned.


Unless otherwise specified, our package is regarded as standard and included in the quotation specified in the offer.


HD Slippers conduct thorough checks at the acceptance, production and shipment stages. Checks other than our standard ones can be conducted upon request and must be estimated during the offer.


The technical-application data specified in catalogues, documentation and on this website are the result of more than forty years of experience and laboratory tests. The seal types suggested are the result of laboratory tests and thousands of field tests; however, the working conditions foreseen may not coincide with those of new applications and so lead to unexpected results. Therefore, HD Slippers Srl shall not be held responsible for the failure of sealing components that have not been tested under the actual working conditions. For new applications and the consequent manufacturing of specific seals, the user must conduct tests under the actual working conditions in order to approve the validity of the chosen solution. HD Slippers Srl guarantees the repeatability of the characteristics of seals tested and approved, except for subsequent modifications of applications and/or equipment and/or its components and/or processes, by the customer or a third part.

Production according to customer's drawing

HD Slippers srl can produce items according to customer's drawing after appropriate technical and commercial analysis.
Dimensions without tolerances will be worked out according with EN 22768 ISO 2768 grade m.
Any modification of an already accepted drawing will be treated as a new drawing requiring a new technical and commercial analysis.


Delivery is effective as from the delivery date specified in the order confirmation following the receipt of a written order together with all the technical, commercial information and tax data necessary to process it. If goods are not supplied during the periods of time indicated in the Order Confirmation, we shall not be held responsible for any loss or consequential damage that may occur. The risks of loss or damage to goods during transportation shall not be attributable to HD Slippers Srl.


Selling prices are those specified in the order confirmation or, if they are not specified , those in the offer. They remain valid until the deadline specified. Prices are VAT and transportation costs excluded.


Unless otherwise specified during the Offer stage, payment refers to:
first delivery upon reception of goods by cheque or by Bank Transfer upon goods ready for shipment;
then cash order 60 days date of end-of-month invoice for amounts not less than € 150.


No order accepted by HD Slippers Srl can be cancelled by the customer unless against a written acceptance.

Equipment costs

If the costs of equipment necessary for manufacturing customer-specific items are fully or partially estimated, such equipment, as estimated in the Offer, shall not be regarded as sold but shall remain under the property of HD Slippers Srl for the exclusive use of the customer.


Any disputes arising, the Italian jurisdiction shall apply and the Court of Bologna shall have exclusive jurisdiction.