Ethic and Social Responsibility

HD Slippers Srl DECLARE


that the company implements a corporate ethic policy, and in particular:


1- no recourse tio child labour.


2- no recourse to compulsory labour under any form whatsoever.


3- italian laws and regulations on workers' health are respected.


4- the right of all members of staff to join the trade unions in complied with, and the relating regulations are respected.


5- discriminatory principles are not applied, of any kind whatsoever.


6- disciplinary measures are not taken unless those admitted in the collective employment agreement specific for the business sector.


7- the working time agreed with the trade unions is adhered to and the total amount of 48 working hours per week and 12 extra hours is not exeeded.


8- the minimum wage established in the collective employment agreement is respected.


9- the company can reasonably ascertain that its suppliers meet the requirements laid down in items 1 through 8 and these suppliers, on they turn, comply with these items for the in-house activities that they perform directly or are performed by their own suppliers.


Sasso Marconi the 13/01/2014
the legal representative
Sergio Roveri