ROD SEAL.  Fluid: AIR and GASES.
Sealing profiles and materials
profile description temperature range
max. pressure
max. speed
fluids applications

Perfluorated elastomers
-10 +330 - - oil, air,
chemicals, high vacuum 
Withstands most of the chemical products.
Explosive decompression resistant.
Extreme temperatures.
Off-Shore applications
FDA Certified.
Enerseal - energized seals -75 +260 500 5 oil, dry air, chemical products Spring energized rod seals.
Single acting.
Silicon filling FDA certified (opzional)
Slipper - composite rod seals -60 +260 800 5  oil, dry air Composite double acting rod seals.
Rod Wiper S0Y -35 +100 - 0.5 oil Rod wiper with auxiliary sealing lip. 
Rod seal S01 -35 +100 100 0.5 oil, lubricated air Single acting hydraulic rod seal
Rod seal S05 -35 +80 16 0.5 oil, dry air Single acting pneumatic rod seal